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My life of aquaculture from Nakagami ‘s Shell Farm

Introduction of my Nurcery

I cultivate three kinds of shellfishes, Itayagai(Japanese Baking Scallop), Hiougigai(Noble Scallop), and Iwagaki (Rock Oyster)in Japan. My shell farm is located at Urago Bay in Nishinosima of Oki Islands, off Shimane Peninsula. Young shellfishes or spat are produced entirely by artificial fertilization and I bring them up to about 1mm shell size, feeding cultured phytoplankton, in tanks in the workshop on land. Next, they are moved to the nursery sea area where they can eat natural plankton for food to grow big, while being kept in baskets hanging down from buoys. Seawater temperatures wary from 11degrees in winter to around 25 degrees in summer. It is so warm that some corals seem to grow nearby . Because this is a small island located away from the mainland, and because there is no big river, seawater is truly clean. There is  hardly any colon bacillus in seawater around my nursery. I show some photographs of interesting events and scenerise of beautiful islands of Oki,

so please enjoy my website.

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